You have a unique and dynamic destiny that you can really discover. Your question reveals your hunger, a craving for the truth–something more, something better. And, you can find the answer if you work as hard as you can to find the truth within.

Opening the Door of Your Mind

You must have an open mind. You must make finding the answer more important than keeping your old beliefs about yourself, the world, or God. The tools for finding the answers are: your hunger for the truth, your sincerity in finding it, and your willingness (faith) to believe/accept what you are experiencing inside yourself.

If we are unwilling to move toward new inner experiences, it will be impossible to find the answers to key life questions; it will be impossible to discover more. We need to be willing to concentrate on new thoughts and insights that come to our minds, and stop concentrating on past assumptions and conclusions about ourselves and the world.

Some persons are too busy to grow and are therefore in grave danger of spiritual fixation. Provision must be made for growth of meanings at differing ages, in successive cultures, and in the passing stages of advancing civilization. The chief inhibitors of growth are prejudice and ignorance. –The Urantia Book (Paper 100:1:2)

We have to let go of our pride and fear and move toward the actual, the real tangible light within. We have to accept the fact that our old beliefs might be incorrect or could be expanded or improved.

Your thoughts can be walls or bridges. Lose the walls and use the bridges to find your destiny and expand your mind. Thoughts are the gateway to God. You deserve to find the answers: don’t allow your preconceptions to rob you of the joy of discovery.


The Purpose of Life

We are here to satisfy our deepest questions and live out the answers and help others to do the same. We are here to discover who we really are and to begin living the full potential of this truth. There is no other way to satisfy the hunger to answer our most fundamental questions.

The goal of human self-realization should be spiritual, not material. The only realities worth striving for are divine, spiritual, and eternal. – The Urantia Book (Paper 100:2:6)

You were created for a purpose and need only be willing to go after it. You need to try as hard as you can, for as long as you can, to find the answers within. Then rest, and try again; get up, and keep making attempt after attempt to take down each piece of the barriers in your mind and drink in the sweet, exciting truths just on the other side.

You are a child of the Creator who cherishes you as if you were the only being in the entire universe. The Universal Father made you for a reason, and only he can tell you what that is. And, the only way to hear him is to listen. The only way to discover the real truth about your life– about what it could be–is to listen to the One who put you here.

We need to look beyond our pain, frustrations, sadness, and confusion and sooth our minds and awaken our souls in the light of truth. We need to be brave enough to let go of old prejudices and examine past assumptions to deal with the uncertainty and challenges of life.

The purpose of our all lives is to follow the Father’s spirit within, to spiritualize ourselves, and to serve others. But, within that grand purpose, that team purpose, you have a unique role to play in the universal brotherhood of the children of God. You were created for that exciting path and your Loving Divine Parent will show you everything you can handle at each point of your life.


Every one of your good, beautiful, and kind desires will eventually be fulfilled in the eternal future if you choose to accept the presence of God and the fact that you are a child of God.

Find your adventure today! Open your mind. Give your life to the thrill of discovering and living the truth and your purpose.

–Chris Lepine

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