God is our Universal Father. He is the first source and center of all things.  He is the creator, controller and upholder of all reality and is the source of truth, beauty and goodness.  He is infinite, omnipotent, absolute, eternal and universal.

God is love and spirit. He is a person and can be known and loved; He delights in us and unconditionally loves us.  He is incapable of anger; he never punishes.

He is perfect, and by nature, unchanging, kind, compassionate and merciful. God is the source of personality, and a fragment of him lives in each, normal-minded and morally conscious human.

We are capable of knowing right from wrong, and we can choose to do his will, and be like him – loving, forgiving, and merciful. The spiritual life is one of increasingly knowing him more and better, and becoming more like him through our service to others.

He is the “one and only uncaused reality”.

God desires to be in communion with each of us; he continually reaches out to us. His plan for us is that we become perfect like him, and he provides the way for us to achieve that.

God is the object of our prayers and our worship.


Want to know more?

The first five paper of the Urantia Book are about God. Check out any of the links below:

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–Michael Hill

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