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We were discussing (in study group) God’s  message of his Mercy, Love and  Truth  for all, and I believe it was Arletta bringing up the innocent starving and sick children of Nepal and similar unfortunate situations.  It seemed as this was being resolved by applying these standards only  to the kingdom of heaven.   I am not understanding why these rules  should not also apply to his earthly flock as well.


Hi Linda,

Thanks for your thoughtful questions. Here are my thoughts . . .

I like to think of this with the concept/principle of spiritual fairness: God gives us all that we need for our spiritual awakening and development, when we need it, in the way we need it, for as long as we need it. There is no circumstance that can prevent anyone from beginning the spiritual awakening and further journey. Rich, poor, homeless, refugee, infant, successful . . . the Father understands our situations and is doing everything possible to help us notice and respond to him.

Life is not fair in terms of material conditions: your genetic inheritance, your environment, the events that impact your life, are not equal between people. Someone could be born to the most loving parents possible living in a safe environment, while someone else could be suffering horribly in poverty, war, or disease.

Through it all, however, there is no jeopardy to our souls: the only possible effect is that the rate of our spiritual development here on Earth is slowed. But, even then, once we fully embrace the Father and his plan for us, much can be overcome—even in the most difficult circumstances, we can experience God and grow.

We also have to bear in mind that conditions on earth were not supposed to be like this: this is an abnormal planet due to the failure of two previous revelations to spread truth and improve our material lives. If things had gone according to plan (which happens on the vast, vast, vast majority of planets) we would not know the suffering or tremendous material challenges we have.

However, these incredible challenges are also incredible opportunities for growth and the development of faith. See page 578:6 in the Urantia Book. In the broad eternal scheme, we are actually very fortunate to have the challenges we do. We can become a special class of mortals, with a unique faith attitude, known as Agondonters.

The degree of suffering on this world was not meant to be, and the majority of it we inflict on ourselves. On an individual basis, so many are so purely innocent, and the Father loves and will help all of them.

Thank you, 

–Chris Lepine

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