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What is The Urantia Book? Is it a work of science fiction?

The Urantia Book is a comprehensive revelation of truth for our world from higher spiritual beings in the universe. The 196 papers were written by angels and other higher beings. The teachings blend science, philosophy, history, cosmology and religion seamlessly into a unique, priceless picture revealing our origin, purpose, and eternal destiny.

This book isn’t a work of science fiction, but revelatory non-fiction. And, it isn’t written by interplanetary aliens.

The purpose of the book is to help each person grow spiritually, while helping all groups, institutions, cultures, peoples, and countries to progress to make a better world. The Urantia Book is an unmatched, unbiased, universal guide to God, the universe, Earth history, and the life of Jesus. It’s an astounding, incomparable spiritual handbook that answers every significant spiritual question–and those never imagined.

What does the term "Urantia" mean?

Earth; The Urantia Book refers to Earth as “Urantia”. This is the true name of our planet.

Who wrote The Urantia Book? Where did it come from?

The Urantia Book was authored by angels and other spiritual beings from throughout the universe. There is much detailed speculation and conjecture on the origin, organization, and method of reception of the Urantia Papers, but how they actually were obtained constitutes an amazing mystery about which little is truly known or understood.

The authors are listed in the Table of Contents and at the end of each of the 196 Papers (chapters) comprising The Urantia Book. The authors identify themselves as a diverse group of heavenly beings who were commissioned to bring to our world the next in a series of revelations intended to restore to humankind an understanding of the true nature of God, of our origin, history, and destiny, and to provide us with a cosmic perspective of who we are and how we fit into the greater flow of cosmic events.

No human being is listed as author of The Urantia Book. The Urantia Book refers to the authorship as a collaborative effort by many superhuman, celestial beings, all of whom brought to this endeavor individual areas of knowledge and expertise. However, they tell us from the beginning that they were mandated to give priority to any human expressions of truth that represented “the highest and most advanced planetary knowledge of spiritual values and universe meanings” as would convey the truth “as they were directed to reveal it” before resorting to their own superior expressions of truth-knowledge. (Foreword:12.11) The various and diverse writings of many human beings were masterfully co-ordinated, enhanced, and improved by the authors responsible for the creation of The Urantia Book.

It is believed that one human being was utilized as a sort of “sleeping subject” to produce the Urantia teachings, but this person didn’t want to be known for the phenomenon. Records of the events concerning the origin of the book state that there were six people who knew the identity of this person, but none of them ever revealed the identity. Those who remember some of these events have reported that the authors of The Urantia Book indicated it was best that this person remain anonymous, because the truth and wisdom of the teachings would endure on their own merits without a human personality to authenticate them.

Does The Urantia Book agree with the Bible or other spiritual books?

The Urantia Book agrees with some, but not all parts or points in the Bible, or any other book. However, it incorporates as many human sources and concepts as possible, as long as they are true. There are many common threads of truth that The Urantia Book emphasizes, that touch and can unify most spiritual and religious traditions.

The Urantia Book amplifies and illuminates the best human spiritual and other concepts. It also corrects human errors of understanding and provides greatly-expanded, in-depth information on all spiritual questions and concepts, including about Jesus. The Urantia Book doesn’t seek to align or conform to any book or religion, or human organization or group. It’s a gift to every person and group–for all humankind.

Is The Urantia Book part of a religion?

No. Some long-time readers of the book have made it their religion, and some churches use the book in their ministry, but there is no formal religion that calls itself “Urantia.” The community of readers is actually an interfaith association, which is worldwide. The book itself maintains that true religion is one’s personal relationship with God and discourages creating another “ism.” People from many religions embrace the teachings in the book and still remain in good standing in their denominations, often supporting their traditional faiths through insights gleaned from The Urantia Book.

What is the difference between The Urantia Book and the Urantia Papers?

The Urantia Book is the complete and authoritative collection of the Urantia Papers. There are 196 papers or chapters in The Urantia Book, as well as  a Table of Contents and the Foreword.  

Where can I get The Urantia Book?

Go to your local bookstore, or Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, or other book retailers.